Your Power.
Your Way.

99% of all home solar systems go on the roof. The rest go on the ground. We have a third way – the wall.

modular solar photovoltaic awning for single-story structures example 2
modular solar photovoltaic awning for single-story structures example
Introducing the world’s first modular solar photovoltaic awning for single-story structures.
Modular means it can be any size that suits your budget and needs.

It attaches securely to wall studs, avoiding the roof and all the issues that come with it:

We’ve created an aesthetic outdoor amenity that also reduces your electric bill.


Costs 30%-40% less per Watt than rooftop solar


No special skills to mount; just call an electrician to connect


Looks like an outdoor patio ceiling; customize your own color/style


Multiple tilt angles including flush against the wall


Moving? Storm coming? Each modular unit detaches quickly

How does it work?


Enter your address and our siting and sizing algorithm will rank the best wall locations to place the awning to maximize output

Select your preferred system size and location and we’ll tell you how much the awning will cost, both DIY and with our installer network



Scanifly ( our technology platform provider, will prepare the documents you`ll submit to your local permitting authorities

We ship the awning largely pre-assembled to either your doorstep (for DIY) or our installation partner, which in some cases has an electrician to connect it, or select your own



Once the system is operating, our partner Omnidian ( remotely monitors its performance and has a team of solar experts on-call 24×7 to provide technical support

Your Power. Your Way.
From PowerGrab.